Too many Ohioans are struggling to pay the bills, even after doing everything they were supposed to. We were hard-hit by predatory lending and still haven’t fully recovered from the housing crisis. Large businesses haven’t been here since General Motors left, and wages haven’t gone up for the jobs that remain.


My own father lost his job with Frigidaire at age 55, so I understand first-hand the disruption that a family goes through when a parent loses a job. I will stand up to the bad trade deals that cause jobs to be shipped overseas and hurt Ohioans.


I support the Fight for $15 efforts to increase the federal minimum wage, because no one who works 40 hours a week should be struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their head. I believe in providing a more supportive environment for those in the workforce, with policies like paid family leave, and will defend the right for workers to unionize and collectively bargain.


We also need to make sure that we have an educated workforce to fill the demand for 21st century jobs, thereby providing incentives for business and for young people to settle down locally. This also includes supporting workforce development partnerships between institutions of higher education and those in search of a second career.

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