Currently, under the tenure of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, federal education policies are misguided and dangerous. Initiatives to arm teachers, cuts to Department of Education funding against public schools and proposals to eliminate grants for student mental health services are just a few examples of the offenses the Trump Administration has put forth against the American education system.

Our public school administrators and teachers are under-resourced and over-worked, evident in  teacher strikes all over the country. I believe that public education requires proper funding, particularly for increasing teacher pay, to be able to attract talent to the profession and ensure that kids of every zip code have the opportunities and knowledge to succeed. School districts also need properly-trained support staff, ​including mental health counselors,​ adequate supplies and updated course materials so that students have the infrastructure and tools to understand what is being taught.

Lastly, teachers need to be able to negotiate better pay and working conditions. I will fight to protect their right, and the rights of other public employees, to unionize and collectively bargain.